Live longer, live better

Prevention is always better than cure. And long-lasting, sustainable approaches to health and wellbeing offer better results than quick fixes. Evolène Santé will offer a differentiated approach to healthcare and life extension, offering reconditioning, rehabilitation programmes tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. Based in the heart of Evolène Valley, Evolène Santé will include a luxury boutique health hotel complex, with accommodation ranging from newly-renovated 200-year old chalets, to rooms in our newly-built, design-led medico-hotel.

Evolène Santé’s private medical programmes are working in close collaboration with the University Hospital in Geneva and the Clinique des Grangettes to deliver bespoke medical and wellbeing programmes, staying for now in the Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus, at 2100m with awe inspiring views over the glaciers and surrounded by magical ancient forest. In the future, Raccards in the surrounding valley area will offer clients long-term accommodation. Our clients’ experiences won’t begin and end at Evolène Santé. Pre-arrival medical analysis, a personalised, holistic programme, bespoke movement and exercise schedule, and a 24/7/365 health concierge service will allow clients access to long-term lifestyle assistance.

Evolene Sante consultation


Evolene Sante medico-hotel

A luxury boutique medico-hotel (with 200 year old chalets and a new build 60 room medical facility) – this will be “self pay” and reimbursable based on individual’s health insurance policy.

Medical Centre

Evolene Sant medical centre

A private medical centre, sharing diagnostic and specialities with a public medical facility for a catchment area of 6,000 local residents and numerous tourists.


Evolene Sante raccard

Access to Raccards (traditional mountain buildings) around the valley, which will be transformed into authentic, longer stay private chalets.

A centre of excellence in the heart of the Evolène Valley

Our medical team – including renowned experts in the fields of rehabilitation, occupational health, personalised medicine, and psychiatry – will work closely with clients to design bespoke health programmes based on evidence-based integrative medicine.

Lifestyle changes sit at the heart of our approach to managing and treating a range of chronic conditions. Evolène Santé is planning five flagship medical programmes: Stress pre-burnout, Back @ Your Best, Back to Sports, Metabolic Conditions, and Post-oncology. Each will be directed by a team of medical professionals whose aim is not just to treat conditions and illness but to help clients reshape their lifestyle and diet, learn to love exercise and achieve a sustainable state of health and wellbeing.

At Evolène Santé, clients will be supported through their development – ranging from post-operative, chronic and acute illness rehabilitation, to naturopathic approaches to psychotherapy and sports-based physical reconditioning, our health restoration programmes will use cutting-edge medical techniques embedded in evidence-based practices.

Our sport and movement programmes will emphasise the importance of environment and the natural world to aid mental and physical health. Activities and expeditions are designed around the objectives and lifestyles of each of our clients, as well as the seasonal attributes of Evolène.

Evolene Sante physio

The location

Located in Val d’Hérens and lying between Verbier and Zermatt, Evolène is one of the last historically preserved – though easily accessible – valleys in the Alps. Diverse flora and fauna, steeped in history, and bordered by an imperial crown of alpine peaks and glaciers, the setting is geographically impressive and visually stunning.

The development of Evolène Valley is in harmony with the natural landscape, with Evolène Santé providing a blueprint for sustainable and architecturally and culturally sensitive developments of the future. Opening in 2023, Evolène Santé combines the beauty of the Swiss Alps and its heritage as a healing environment, with the proven science of integrative medicine.

Evolene ValleyEvolene Valley